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Keeping your cat zenned at home

So what do cats really need? Thousands of years ago cats were solitary hunters spending much of their time hunting for prey and unlike today’s domestic cats, had free reign over where they went. So to satisfy these ancestral needs and ensure your cat remains stress free and happy it’s important to provide an environment that emulates these conditions and behaviours.

Here are some pointers for both indoor and outdoor cats:

Cats love to hide - especially if they’re anxious. Everyone has leftover cardboard boxes which are superb for a playground for them and if you’ve got more than one cat be sure you give them a few exits so they can always get out if the company is too much.

Indoor cats might find a run outside exhilarating - though remember it can get overwhelming so if ensure there’s lots of hiding places, bushes and the like to hide in so they don’t feel exposed. Some pet owners also opt for an outdoor leash.

Cat’s love the familiar - so if you’re going to change their environment, definitely do it slowly if possible, this is particularly important for nervous cats.

Emulate the hunt but in a creative way - allowing them to use their ancestral instincts by letting them work for and figure out how to get their food. Introducing puzzle feeders for example is a great way to get their problem solving brains working. Start off easy though so they can get used to it.

Your cat’s personality is unique - so give them a range of environments and experiences and pay attention to what works for them. That way you can give them what you know they like.

Let them play ‘hunt’ - by using playful and interactive toys like rods with feathers, moving toy mice, fur lined toys and balls, even some scrunched up, noisy paper. It’s a great way for you to be an active part of their play but just be careful to not let them play with you or those sharp teeth and claws may end the game a bit sooner than you’d hoped.

Separate the feeding and drinking areas - remember how we said that cats used to be solitary hunters? Well when it goes for eating cats are introverts preferring to do it alone than socially with others.

Cats love to get high - so providing them with lots of vertical space to climb is important. Cat scratching and climbing trees, climbing shelves are great.

Scratch sites are a method for scent making and help keep muscles limber - so provide scratch boxes, poles and mats.

Most of us love peace and quiet when resting - and your cat is no different so provide one or a few places that’s warm, quiet and secure.

If you'd like to find out more about how your cat can stay happy and comfy just give us a call to book an appointment. Our standard consultation length is 60 mins which will give our team plenty of time to answer all of your questions.

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